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Estée Lauder | My go-to foundation

.:: Estée Lauder ::.
Double wear foundation colour Rich Mahogany
Double wear powder colour Mahogany

We all have our holy grail makeup products, those we never get bored of and keep on buying and recommending to our friends. Well, mine are the Double Wear products by Estée Lauder. I have tried to change foundation/powder so many times in the past thinking that I might be missing something but I have always go back to using Estée Lauder !

Tenerife | A breathtaking destination

.:: I'm wearing ::.
ByKamssa skirt
H&M tshirt 

The north of Tenerife is full of breathtaking sceneries, culinary discoveries and a great amount of fun ahead of course. I stayed there for a week a month ago and I really enjoyed it. I was staying in a lovely cottage in the middle of the Mountains, with a unbelievable view on the Atlantic ocean.  I would definitely go back to Tenerife and especially in this part of the Island that I really appreciated.

Venise | La Bella Cittadina

As you know I am student so I went back to university two weeks ago and I am a little nostalgic for Summer so I figured I'll share with you some pictures of my journey in Italy and I plan on doing a similar post about my week in Tenerife too.

Venice is actually quit a small city, but with a breathtaking architecture, lovely weather and incredibly kind people. It was the first time I ever travelled to Italy and I genuinely loved it. I will definitely go back to this beautiful country and visit other places such as Milan, Rome or Florence.

Instadiary | Daily Outfits #1

.:: Details ::.
Bershka perfecto
Zara tshirt
Zara shorts
Primark necklace

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